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 RPG Battle for middle earth

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Yorxdestroyer uu
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Administrator and Moderator
Yorxdestroyer uu

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PostSubject: RPG Battle for middle earth   Wed May 06, 2009 12:03 am

First download this Elvish Font


1Every message as in mails and postcard must be written in elvish
2No uberpowerful charactor
Then here's the form of charactor
Name :
Race: Human,Elves,Dwarves,Orc,Trolls,Corrupted Man,Uruk-Hai.
Gender: Male,Female
Power 1:
Power 2:
Power 3:
Special Abillity:
Alignment: 1,Good:Arnor,Gondor,Rohan}Men.Elves,Dwarves,Numenor.2:Evil:Angmar,Goblins,Isengard,Mordor
Username:Yorxdestroyer uu
Name :Ares
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Equipment:Joint arms and armor of Human,Elves and Dwarves.Very strong never rust and stays sharp.Made from adamantine iridium and lighten by Elves.Strong as diamond,light as a feather
and a bow
Power 1:EarthQuake
Power 2: Telekenesis
Power 3: Magic (all kinds)
Special Abillity:Flaming Blade (Temporary gains 100% slicing and 600% flame attack damage)
Weakness: Clumsiness.Incompitency of others.Cannot control feelings.Ambush,flank attack
Personality: Intelligent and clumsy but an expert swordsman
Appearance :
Alignment : Arnor(Men)
Let the games begin


clankers suck lasers!
Enjoy yourselves here or join
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RPG Battle for middle earth
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