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 Spacelord 3.1V

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Bio Mutation

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PostSubject: Spacelord 3.1V   Tue May 19, 2009 8:10 am

30 weapons the official one.
Now the others(Begins copying and pasting)
Here is the link to the 30 weapons seperately and in required sets

Cruiser Component of mod here
Cruiser addon allows larger and stronger ships for an easier and more realistic spore.

Get extra enemies and tougher weapons they use here with the Hardcore action Spore component
This makes the grox the undefeatable showing how their weapons are always better than yours.This would also make 10x more fights and bombers attack and defender against your attacks or defense.

Screenshots runelaser

Space Writing

Orbital Bombardment
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Spacelord 3.1V
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