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 Please, I'd love this mod!

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PostSubject: Please, I'd love this mod!   Fri Jul 10, 2009 8:53 pm

A Parts Pack Mod!
With the following parts (Note: All parts would be best if they were capable of movement) :
*A Red Panda's Tail (Details).
*A Ring Tailed Lemur's Tail (Details).
*A Monkey's Head (Mouth) and all the facials of a Monkey (Eyes, Details).
*A Monkey's Tail (Detail). Long, thin, curled up and brown.
*Pikachu's Ears (Detail), Tail (Detail), Head (Mouth), Cheeks (Detail), Arms (Arms), Hands (Graspers), Legs (Legs), Feet (Feet), Nose (Detail). The cheeks have an ability that replaces poison. The poison shot will be yellow and named Thunder.
*An eye that is a kind of evil shape and glows yellow (Eye).
*Another version of the above eye except it is glowing red (Eye).
*Devil Horns(Detail), Devils's Forked Tail (Detail).
*Angel's Halo (Detail), Eyes like the above 2 except glowing Light Blue (Eye).
*Snake's head (Mouth), Snake's Forked Tongue (Detail).
*Rattle Snake's Tail (Detail).
*Happy Eyes: ^^ (Eyes).
*Slime Alien Arm (Arms). Ya know, green goey, looks like it's dripping.
*Slime Alien Leg (Legs). Same sorta thing as da arms.
*Slime Alien Ooze (Detail). Like a medium sized green drop of goo sorta thing.
*Slime Alien Head (Mouth). A average head, but green with goo dripping off. Mouth generally stays open. Goo drip from top left side of mouth to middle bottom of mouth.
*Slime Alien Eye (Eye). A basic eye, green around the black bit.

Name it: The Mod that is Oozing with Awesomeness!
Please make it as best as you can and as close to the descriptions.
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Gay Stup

PostSubject: Re: Please, I'd love this mod!   Sat Jul 11, 2009 9:37 pm

I think that is impossible since they don't have any 3d tools
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Please, I'd love this mod!
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